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Shaye Smith Custom Lyric Videos creates one-of-a-kind custom lyric videos for singers, bands and songwriters using stock video clips and images.  We subscribe to a few stock video and image sites and use quality 1080p HD clips to construct your video.  We start from scratch and build your video based upon your directions and based upon what best fits your song.  Each video is built one at a time and customized to fit your desired outcome.

Shaye Smith has worked in the music industry for 25+ years, as a Grammy-nominated songwriter, producer and band manager.  She understands songs and how each song has a story to tell...and that a quality lyric video is highly desired by music fans.  She first noticed that music fans would construct their own lyric videos of their favorite bands and their songs over 10 years ago while she, herself, was managing a rock band and attempting to promote their music.

She began constructing very simple lyric videos for the band, using iMovie.  A few years later, she constructed a more creative lyric video using stock video clips and soon found that many of her singer / songwriter friends wanted her to build lyric videos for their music.  So...thus began Shaye Smith Custom Lyric Videos in 2017.  She now uses Final Cut Pro X to construct lyric videos...which is the preferred video editing application by many lyric video companies as well as several Hollywood film editors.

Since late 2017, Shaye's created more than 400 lyric videos, including several for Grammy-winning Pop/Rock superstar Christopher Cross (Sailing, Ride Like The Wind)...Bonnie Tyler (Grammy winning pop singer which such hits as Holding Out For A Hero, Total Eclipse of the Heart, It's A Heartache and more)...Dolly Parton (Grammy winning country star and Oscar nominated actress)...Jamie O'Neal (Grammy nominated Country star with several #1 hits)...Collin Raye (Grammy nominated Country star with several #1 hits) well as many other successful singers, bands and songwriters signed to record labels and publishing companies around the world. 

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