1. Email me and let me know you

    are wanting to order a lyric video. 

    Include any pertinent information (how

    many songs...deadlines...etc).

2. I will quickly reply to book an

    approximate date to build your video

    and set up payment (either through

    PayPal or Venmo).  Each

    video ranges from $149 - $499

    (contact Shaye for more info)

3. Once you have booked and paid for your video(s), I will construct a verse and chorus

    of your video and send it to you via WeTransfer to download and make any fixes and

    changes.  Once you're satisfied with the verse & chorus, I will complete the rest of

    the song, send it to you via WeTransfer, and I will once again make any fixes and

    changes (within reason) until you are satisfied.


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