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Have your songs critiqued by a Grammy nominated, #1 Hit songwriter

After 25+ years in the music industry, I believe I've gained a little insight into what makes a song a hit.  Of course, a "hit song" is a very subjective definition, but there are a lot of common traits that are shared by songs that go on to become commercially successful.  I'm offering a little of that insight to songwriters who would like a "2nd opinion" or just need a few quotes to post on your website to show the critical response to your songs.

I've written well over 1000 songs...but only about 10% went on to become commercially successful.  In the baseball world, batting .100 would mean your career is over before it starts. the world of songwriting, batting .100 is likely to earn you a living and maybe even win a few awards and #1 hits on the charts.  But...that 90% rejection rate is not always easy to accept.  I've sat across from record label A&R, managers, publishers and even recording artists and played them my songs, only to watch them turn the song off in the first verse and ask, "Do you have anything else?"  It's pretty humbling.  But...that's also how I learned what worked...and what didn't.

So...allow me to be your sounding board.  You'll send me your songs and I'll give you a detailed critique in writing.  I will tell you what I believe is right with your songs.  I'll also tell you what I think needs work. is subjective...but at least you will be getting an opinion from someone who has worked in the trenches and understands some of the differences between a good song...and what the industry considers a GREAT song.

Just contact me below to let me know how many songs you would like critiqued and I will send you payment information and let you know where to send your mp3's.


1-4 Songs - $19.99 each

5-9 Songs - $17.99 each

10+ Songs - $15.99 each

Thanks! Message sent.

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